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New Zealand Skiing Holidays

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If you love winter sports, snow skiing, snowboarding, you should seriously consider a New Zealand winter vacation. New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, so those of you in the northern hemisphere can ski starting in June and in some parts of New Zealand, the skiing and snowboarding lasts until late October and even longer, depending on what part of New Zealand you decide to visit.

People in New Zealand are friendly and welcoming. Not only will you receive a warm welcome from the locals, you will also enjoy the exciting outdoor activities available, and the wonderful culture surrounding your entire visit. Generally, English is spoken everywhere in New Zealand. The skiing is done up in the mountains, so after skiing you can go back down the mountain for a game of golf or fish in one of the beautiful, clear lakes available.

New Zealand is breathtakingly beautiful with picturesque scenery and snowy mountains. Winter brings clear blue skies that are perfect for your day skiing at one of their world-class ski resorts. Another bright side to skiing in New Zealand is that there are very few trees in the ski areas, which is good if you are inclined to run into trees while skiing or snowboarding. From beginner slopes to steep and thrilling slopes for those more adventurous, New Zealand is a skier's paradise.

For those of you who have always wanted to ski or snowboard, make your dreams come true with a New Zealand winter vacation. Lessons are available from world-class instructors for beginners and children. Intermediate and advanced skiers can also get instruction to improve speed or perhaps, to get help with personal technique. All the equipment needed can be rented, including jackets and boots, just in case this was a last minute decision.

New Zealand consists of three islands, North Island, South Island, and Stewart Island. The fact that new Zealand is about two-thirds mountains is part of the reason for the first-class skiing and snowboarding found there. The Southern Alps extend almost the entire length of the South Island and this is where you will find most of the ski resorts. The Alps in New Zealand are bigger than the Swiss, French or Australian Alps, rising over 6562 feet, or 2000 metres. There are 25 ski fields in New Zealand and most of those are commercially operated.

The many different ski areas are very diverse. Some ski areas are perfect for family fun, while others cater to the more adventurous and advanced skier. The ski areas closer to towns, such as the ones near Queenstown, offer other options for you when you are not skiing, such as bungy jumping, which originated there!

With the beauty surrounding the ski areas in New Zealand, it is not surprising that "back country skiing" or "Alps tours" have become so popular. More and more skiers and snowboarders want to leave the commercial ski slopes and get into the wilderness of the Alps and find a slope no one else is on. This is done with a guide and getting there by helicopter is the popular choice. Many of the ski fields offer heli-skiing with various package deals available.

No matter what you are looking for in the way of skiing and snowboarding adventure, you are sure to find it in New Zealand. Accommodations range from the very luxurious, to bed and breakfasts, to motor parks, something for every budget. A New Zealand winter vacation is the perfect choice if you enjoy snow sports and all the beautiful natural terrain that goes with it. When you are not skiing, there are many other outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Hiking the beautiful terrain is very popular. In fact, there are some ski areas where you can hike up the mountain carrying your skis or snowboard and ski or snowboard back down. Your trip to New Zealand will be one to remember and you will want to visit again and again.

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