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Queenstown, New Zealand is a hub for the surrounding ski fields. This lovely alpine resort sits on the shores of the beautifully clear Lake Wakatipu, surrounded by breathtaking Remarkables mountain range. The Queenstown area is believed to be one of the most beautiful areas of Otago.

Once an 1860s gold mining camp, it is said that a gold digger proclaimed the town was "fit for Queen Victoria," thus the name Queenstown. Queenstown activities are now very numerous. It has grown to be a lively picturesque town and a sophisticated holiday resort. Known as the Adventure Capitol of the World, Queenstown offers white-water rafting, climbing, skydiving, kayaking, ballooning, with excellent skiing available nearby. Queenstown is the home of bungy jumping. If you are not quite that adventurous, you can pan for gold or take a nature walk.

Shopping in the downtown area in Queenstown is a mesh of locally run boutiques and brand name stores. Queenstown is known to be the best place in the world to buy wool and sheepskin clothing. This is where you will also find the famous and local greenstone. There are a myriad of stores for ski and snowboarding equipment and clothing, as well as local wine shops, fine arts and exquisite chocolates. The stores in Queenstown are open every day, 365 days a year.

When you just cannot shop anymore, settle in at one of the many lively little cafes or bars located in the downtown area. You will find wine bars, live jazz and in the summer months, garden bars, where there will be several local wines and beers. Queenstown boast more than 160 bars and cafes in the downtown area. Queenstown also hosts an international Jazz Festival every year.

You will not run out of things to do in Queenstown and no visitor should miss the Queenstown Gondola. This gondola is said to be the steepest lift in the Southern Hemisphere and takes visitors up and up above Queenstown to the Skyline Complex at Bob's Peak. The views from the gondola are absolutely awe-inspiring. On arrival at the complex there are several observation decks that look out upon the beauty of the surroundings in every direction.

Perhaps you can make plans for the Queenstown Winter Festival. This is a ten day celebration of winter and is the ultimate winter festival. Parades, fireworks, drag races, food and wine are just a few things you will enjoy. They also have ski races, dog races and a multitude of entertainment. There is something new and fun every year. The Queenstown Winter Festival first started because the first winter snow seemed a great excuse for a party. Now, it has expanded into a premier celebration you would not want to miss.

Queenstown jobs are mainly seasonal due to the tourism and many of the people who work in Queenstown live in the smaller towns nearby. They get to know the locals and what is required working in the tourism industry, but it is not easy. High standards are required as competition for jobs in Queenstown during the season is fierce, but there always seems to be enough jobs to go around.

The Queenstown Airport is located in Frankton, Otago, New Zealand. Most of the flights are domestic, but there are a few international flights each week to Australia. Extra flights are added during ski season, but now summer is becoming popular in Queenstown, also.

Queenstown, NZ is fast-paced with more and more tourists every year, and this is not surprising with all the majestic beauty of the mountains, the crystal clear lakes, the skiing and snowboarding, mountaineering, and bungy jumping. Add to that the first class shopping, the cafes and bars and the friendliness and warmth of the locals and you have it all. Queenstown, New Zealand is a great place to visit any time of the year.

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